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Big Issue: Hotel on Promontory

Ocean Village HotelTimeline: In 2006 permission was granted for a hotel on the promontory at Ocean Village. The hotel would be 4 star with 225 rooms, a spa, waterside restaurant, and bars, surrounded by water on three sides. In 2008 the plan was modified in order to add more windows on the public floors at the base of the hotel and to place the guest rooms above these. A larger area was also created for external seating and dining and greater integration between the conference facilities and the events piazza. It was at that time anticipated that the hotel would be operational by 2010 and would be a Millennium & Copthorne Hotel. The hotel is often referred to as the Millennium Ocean Village Hotel.

While the Ocean Car Park, (awarded “Best New Car Park in 2008″) was completed the hotel was not started. The economic downturn and property price crash resulted in the project being postponed. According to Marina Developments Ltd (MDL) who operate and manage the marina, the project will still happen at some point as part of an ongoing £70 million re-development of Ocean Village which included the Innovation Centre which opened in early 2011.

In January 2011 MDL applied for an extension to the existing planning permission. In May 2011 this extension was granted and the planning application would have remained valid until 2016. The planning application was granted with a number of conditions.

Application Reference: 11/00023/TIME
Address: The Promontory, Ocean Way, Southampton

Planning Documents:

However in December 2011 Harbour Hotels announced plans to build a £25m hotel in Ocean Village. In January 2012 Harbour Hotels went on to submit a new planning application. This was not however a further extension of the original planing permission but was instead a completely new proposal and envisioned a much smaller hotel. The proposed new hotel would also be visually very different from the rather more boxy shape of the 2006 vision. The new proposal was also no longer just for a hotel! In addition to the proposed 76 bedroom 4/5 star hotel it was envisaged that a number of apartments would need to be created to make the hotel development commercially viable. 12 of these would be incorporated directly into the top of the hotel building. A separate development of 82 residential units would be build alongside on the surface car park and sit above three ground floor restaurants/bars/cafes, a marina office and two small-scale boutique retail units.

The full planning application can be viewed on the council website. The Application number is: 11/02000/FUL.

A brochure, which outlined the proposal (and forms part of the planning documents, is available here for your convenience (it’s a big file!):  New Hotel Planning Brochure – January 2012

In March 2012, further planning documents were submitted to the council in response to the council raising a number of issues requiring further consideration.

Hotel – Additional Planning Documents – March 2012:

On April 19th 2012, Southampton City Council approved the plans with some minor conditions. It is expected that the work will commence in Autumn 2012, with the hotel being built first followed by the apartment blocks. All work should be completed within three years.

Hotel – Aprroved Planning Document – April 2012:
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