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Advertising is a community-led website, created for and by the community. This website does not make any profits, but we do run a number of display ads on the site to help us cover hosting fees. If you would like to support the website and run targeted adverts to our audience, information on how to advertise can be found below.

Google Display Ads

All of our adverts run on the Google AdSense platform. They show in rotation automatically without any administrative involvement on our part. We prefer to spend what time we have writing content for our visitors. For this reason, we do not currently accept individual adverts directly from advertisers, but it is possible to get your advert placed on our website specifically via what is called ‘managed placements’.

To get an advert running on our website quickly, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up for an account at Google AdWords
  2. Log into AdWords and visit the Tools & Analysis > Placement Tool page.
  3. In the “website” field at the top, type in and click “Search.” You can also add or remove geographic filters if you want to target specific visitors.
  4. Check our website URL in the results and click “Add placements”
  5. You will then be guided through the Display Ad Builder wizard to create your ad, set a budget, etc.
Setting up an advert in AdWords

Setting up an advert in AdWords (click to enlarge)


Further information

More help and guidance can be found at the Adwords Help Centre. If you would like to get in touch, please visit our Contact Us page.